B-2 Dog Tag | Concealed Nano Blade




Military Style Concealed Knife in a Dog Tag 


The B-2 Dog Tag is a military-style, dog tag sheath you can wear around your neck or store in your pocket. At less than 2oz, it’s incredibly lightweight. It hosts a 440carbon black stainless steel construction making it incredibly tough, stealthy, and discrete. In practice, it’s a dog tag with a separate, key-sized blade that can be removed and re-inserted to create a blade and handle setup that’s versatile, durable, functional, and everything you’d need in survival knife you can carry in a coin pocket, bag or around your neck. 

UltraLight Weight: < 2oz
Length of Knife (opened): 3.7in
Length of Knife (closed): 2.75in
Length of Blade: 1in
Thickness: 0.2in
Handle Length: 2.5in
Materials (Blade and Body): 440Carbon Black Stainless Steel
Hardness: 58-60HRC (Rockwell Hardness Scale)
Color: Jet Black


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